IFS Information CD 2006



This CD contains Application Forms for IFS Research Grants, some of the IFS Publications, a Power Point presentation of IFS and a couple of free programmes. To open the required item, click on it in the list below.

For more information, you are invited to visit the IFS web:

or write to IFS at:
      International Foundation for Science,
      Karlavägen 108, 5th floor,
      SE-115 26 Stockholm,

      email:  info@ifs.se
      tel:    +46 (0)8 545 818 00
      fax:   +46 (0)8 545 818 01


Contents of this CD:

Application Forms (in Microsoft Word format)

  Note: To apply for an IFS Grant, fill out the appropriate Application Form on your computer using Microsoft Word. Send it to IFS as an attachment in an email. Full instructions are included with the Application Forms.
  Application Form for First Grant (English)
  Application Form for First Grant (French)
  Application Form for a Renewal Grant (English)
  Application Form for a Renewal Grant (French)

IFS Publications  (in PDF format)

  Annual Reports
    IFS Annual Report 2004
    IFS Annual Report 2003
    IFS Annual Report 2002
    IFS Annual Report 2001
    IFS Annual Report 2000

IFS Impact Studies (MESIA Reports)
These reports are based on studies carried out by IFS in order to understand the impact of the IFS Granting Programme.
[MESIA - Monitoring and Evaluation System for Impact Assessment]

    No. 1 MESIA: Conceptual Framework and Guidelines
published: 2000
    No. 2 Questionnaire Survey of African Scientists
published: 2001
      Report No. 2 in French:
Les chercheurs africains: une enquête questionnaire
publication: 2001
    No. 3 IFS Impact in Mexico: 25 years of support to scientists
published: 2001
    No. 4 Strengthening Science Capacity in Tanzania
published: 2002
    No. 5

Scientific Research Capacity in Cameroon
published: 2003

      Report No. 5 in French:
Les capacités de recherche scientifique au Cameroun
publication: 2003
    No. 6 Summary of IFS Impact Studies Nos. 1-5
published: 2006
  Brief Descriptions of IFS
    Brief Description (English)
    Brève Description (French)
    Breve Descripción (Spanish)

Power Point Presentations

    33 Years of Capacity Building
This presentation requires Microsoft Power Point for viewing.

Free Computer Programmes

  Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 for Windows (used for viewing PDF files)
Adobe's free programme for reading Acrobat PDF-files. You cannot create pdf files with this programme (for that you need to buy the full Acrobat programme). More information at Adobe's website: www.adobe.com
  Mozilla Firefox 1.0 for Windows (web browser)
An Open Source, free web browser - alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer.
More information on website www.mozilla.org

Open Office 1.1.4 for Windows (office suite)
An Open Source, free office suite - alternative to Microsoft Office. For installation information, read the file SETUP_GUIDE.pdf (on this CD) or go to the website www.openoffice.org